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Professional Floor Stripping and Refinishing | Commercial VCT Cleaning

Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) is a common type of flooring mostly found in supermarkets, factories, hospitals, and kitchen floors. When it is properly polished to a high shine, there aren’t many floor coverings that can compare to the fresh, clean look of a VCT floor. VCT is covered with wax or floor finish, this means that to maintain the floor you must preserve the wax coat. This requires a buffing machine, mops, and a routine cleaning schedule.

Our trained professionals take pride in enhancing and maintaining the quality of your floor. We always want to leave your floors with a clean and professional appearance that is expected VCT flooring. We have the proper professional equipment and the trained staff to ensure your floor receives the best floor care in Maryland. The following are different processes that your VCT floor may require for different problems your floor may encounter.

Strip and Wax

No matter how clean your building is, little dirt particles and dust will inevitably get into your waxed floors. This will result in your floor beginning to yellow under the light. The good news is there is a solution to get your floor back to looking new again. Stripping and Waxing is normally recommended every 12 months for low and medium traffic areas, and 4-6 months for high traffic areas. Our floor services are customized for you and are always preformed by highly trained professionals.

Scrub and Finish

When your floors begin to lose their original high gloss and start to appear dull, it is definitely time to re-finish. When you plan a scrub and re-finish that will return the high gloss and will greatly reduce the need to stripping and waxing, while saving you time and money.

Floor Buffing

When the floor in your building has lost its luster, it might be time for a buffing service. This will give your floors a high gloss look that is popular for this type of flooring. This process includes an ultra high-speed machine to renew the floor surface.

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