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Carpet Cleaning Services in Germantown Maryland

10 Steps to Great Carpet Cleaning in Germantown

Our trained professionals have decades of experience cleaning the finest carpets. We always use carpet cleaning methods as recommended by the manufacturer for best results and to keep your valuable warranty valid. We are fully insured and your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

1. Protect home & furnishings
2. Pre-vacuum edge-to-edge
3. Move furniture
4. Treat stubborn spots
5. Pre-condition carpet
6. Extract/clear water rinse
7. Clean baseboards
8. Block & tab furniture
9. Re-apply carpet protector
10. Re-set pile & speed dry

Things you should expect from our company:

⇒ We always stand behind our work.
⇒ We will protect your building as if it were our personal home.
⇒ We will set up a clean work space, so there are no safety hazards
⇒ WE WILL NOT smoke near or around your property EVER.
⇒ We will always be courteous to tenants in and around the building.
⇒ Our technicians are certified and extremely knowledgeable.
⇒ Our technicians are easily identifiable (we wear uniforms)
⇒ We are reliable (if you need us quick we will make it happen.)
⇒ We have excellent referral sources if you wish for me to provide

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Proper Carpet Cleaning Saves You Money and Produces Superior Results

Our Germantown Carpet Cleaning Procedure

When we arrive at your Germantown home or business, we will request to do a walk through with you. We will be wearing protective covers over our shoes during all times we are in your home or building. We will also set up corner guards to protect the walls from any possible harm as well as moving blankets in the front entrance to protect your floor from our equipment.

Once everything is set up and we are ready to begin, we will start cleaning from the furthest point from the entry of your Germantown home or business, and then work our way back to the front entrance. We will begin by applying a pre-spray treatment to the soiled areas with a hot pre-spray solution that is made up of compounds that are meant to break apart the soil-to-fiber bond while also utilizing an enzyme that will break the bond on protein stains that are caused by foods and other organic compounds.

Once that is completed, we use a carpet brush to agitate the pre-spray on the most soiled areas. Once the required time has passed for the pre-treatment to do its work, we will start with a hot water extraction. While we are cleaning the carpet, we have high velocity air paths running through your home or building to speed up the drying process. After the cleaning is completed, we will apply an even coat of an anti-re-soiling serum to try and prevent the re-soiling of your carpet. This will greatly help your carpets continue to look cleaner.

With every job we strive to provide the most outstanding service experience for you. If you have any questions about the cleaning process, feel free to give us a call and we will explain everything to you. If you ever experience any problems, we ask you to please make us aware of it and we will address any troubled areas or other concerns you have. We ensure that by the end of the process, you will know that we want to make you happy and provide you with the cleanest carpet we can at all costs.

Another service that we offer for you is an allergy relief cleaning treatment. We are able to effectively reduce the allergy causing pollutants in your home. This cleaning process will prevent allergic reactions that are caused by dust mites and pet dander for up to six months after the treatment is done. This allergy relief treatment can be done for carpets, upholstery, mattresses, sofas, and more. We also aways carry an allergy relief laundry detergent that can be helpful for washing blankets, clothes, and other things.

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