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There are many reasons why keeping your carpets clean is important. It not only keeps your home looking good, but it also makes your carpet last as long as possible. Even common stains that happen all the time can be very difficult to remove, such as stains from ketchup, soda, and other foods. The only way to completely remove the stain is to call the professionals at Nice Professional Carpet Cleaning in Rockville, Maryland. We are the right company with the proper experience and customer satisfaction to get the job done right.

Spot and Stain Removal Services from Carpet and Flooring Montgomery County Maryland

Do not do the following if the stain is permanent:

Sometimes stains can become permanent, this happens especially when you weren’t able to clean the stain immediately. Here are a few crucial things to avoid doing to a permanent stain.

⇒ Do not rub the stain: This can cause the stain to be driven further into the carpet. It can also damage the material of the carpet.

⇒ Do not start at the center: When you scrub the stain from the center, you can spread the stain even more.

⇒ Do not use hot water: This will cause the stain to bond with the surface of your carpet.

⇒ Do not use harsh cleaning agents: Harsh cleaning agents can damage the carpet.

Some stains can be removed by using home remedies or simple cleaning techniques, but bad stains should be removed by a professional. We have the proper equipment and training to treat even the most difficult stains and spots. We use some of the same pre-spray treatment with a hot pre-spray solutions as our carpet cleaning that will break apart the soil-to-fiber bond while also utilizing an enzyme that will break the bond on protein stains that are caused by foods and other organic compounds.

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